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Work Experience

  • Department of Anthropology, University of Victoria

    • Assistant Professor (2021- present)​

  • Chimpanzee Accumulative Stone Throwing project                     

    • Principal Investigator  (2017- present)

  • Pan African Programme: the Cultured Chimpanzee, Department of Primatology, MPI-EVA      

    • Postdoctoral Research Scientist  (2015- 2021)        

  • MSc. course in Primate Behavioral Ecology, University of Leipzig, Germany

    • Guest Lecturer: Primate Evolution and Taxonomy & Primate Communication (2014- present)

  • Introduction to Primatology Seminar Week, International Max Planck Research School, MPI-EVA  

    • Lecturer: Primate Conservation, Communication & Evolution of Language (2014- present)

  • MSc. course in Neuroscience, University of Magdeburg, Germany

    • Invited Lecturer: Chimpanzee Culture & Communication (2017-2019)

  • Proyecto Carey, Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica  

    • Field Research Assistant (30/01-05/2007)

  • Mountainview Conservation Center Fort Langley BC, Canada 

    • Assistant Animal Caretaker (05/2004-08/2007)

  • ECL Envirowest Consultants Ltd., Burnaby BC, Canada

    • Assistant Field Biologist (01/01-08/2000)

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